We Write Good is my first panicked phone call when I need fast, funny, and on brand creative for our show launches, shoots, retitles, and tags. They also pull amazing music, which is supposed to be for professional use but I appropriate to impress my hipster friends. They are calm, cool, collected & so easy to work with!

— Jen Titus, The CW, EVP On-Air Creative

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Becky and Patrick for the last few years. They are without a doubt one of the most creative, unique, and reliable conceptual teams around. Their writing always has a fresh spin, and they easily find the voice of the show they are assigned to promote. For great collaboration and solid creative, look no further.

— Julio Cabral,
SVP/Creative Director, FOX Entertainment, HBO

Over the years and across many networks and agencies, I’ve loved working with WWG. They are prompt, bathe regularly, and they never complain when I take credit for all their great, fresh concepts. They’re terrific collaborators that way.

— Chris Donovan, EVP, The CW,
NBC Universal, Known Media Agency

Becky & Patrick don’t just write good, they write great! They are my go-to team for innovative concepts and truly clever copy.

— Stacey Batzer,
Paramount +

I am amazed that no matter what challenge I throw at Becky and Patrick, they always seem to find a way to surprise and delight me with their creativity and ingenuity. Coming up with concepts, scripts, and lines for campaigns with tight turnaround times is never easy, but they always manage to deliver — and not just with words! They think vividly and visually, providing writing that is easy to imagine and that simply crackles with wit. It also doesn’t hurt that their great taste in music leads to some great audio suggestions. 

— Anna Minkkinen,
Executive Creative Director, Loyalkaspar, New York

Becky and Patrick are our go-to writers. Their talent is undeniable, their attitude is exceptional, their professionalism leaves nothing to be desired, but most importantly, they are honest, trustworthy, dependable, and ALWAYS on point. They are the real deal & we LOVE working with them.

— Jordan Hayman,
Owner, The Shop

“Smart, funny, witty, and frequently brilliant. We Write Good has always over delivered with friendliness and professionalism. Their number one goal is creative and they passionately care about every word they write. What could be better than that?”

— Sam Williams,
360 Creative Director, CBS

How smart and funny are Becky and Patrick? If they had written this recommendation, you would be laughing right now. Talented, fast, and always a pleasure. Love working with WWG!

— Max Stone,
Creative Director, FOX Entertainment

Becky and Patrick are not only creative, thoughtful, and fun to work with – they generate creative that is on-target, on-brand, and on-strategy, no matter the industry. I can not recommend them enough!

— Bill Neidlinger,