Supermarket Sweep is back and I can’t wait to “check” everybody out! Yeah, I said it. Proud of it too.

Leslie Jones

"Supermarket Sweep" series launch

Kermit: Join Miss Piggy and me for the Disney Holiday Singalong! With a night full of this much magic, music, and fun, who needs presents?

Miss Piggy: Speak for yourself, Frog!

Kermit and Miss Piggie

Disney Family Singalong promo spots

Here at Match Game, our celebrity panel is always “A-List”… meaning we call them from “a list” that my assistant keeps next to the day-old donuts.

Alec Baldwin

Match Game season launch

Montana is Big Sky Country…clean air, beautiful sunsets…

The kind of place people come to get away for awhile…

Or maybe forever.

Ryan Phillipe

"Big Sky" series launch

Sometimes it’s in a look, a touch, a dream that you can feel down to your bones. Sometimes it’s in a person that makes you think – Oh, I’ve been there… I see you. Hold on…Sometimes it’s reveling in watching the nice girl win … the bad guys lose…or getting to live in someone else’s shoes — and have it change you for the better. But mostly…it’s just about the love of watching something together.

Kiefer Sutherland

ABC Image Spot

I don’t need your “just ok”…your mediocre… your I’m-only-watching-this cause-I-got-sick-of-scrolling stuff. No. Just give me the good stuff. The jaw-clenching, bone-chilling, did-she-just-kill-that-guy-dressed as-a-pig-wearing-lederhosen stuff?!? The made-ya-think stuff, the “”staunch character” stuff, the I-would-jump-off-a-cliff-to-spend-one-more-second-in-your-arms stuff. Give me the zombie-crunching, heart-racing, family-betraying, cathartic-ugly-cry stuff…the I-just-bought-a-midcentury-barcart-online-at-midnight-to-be-more-like-Don-Draper stuff. The did-I-just-watch-a-Ferrari-outpace-a-freaking-jet plane stuff?! Give me that stuff. The AMC+ stuff. Yeah. Now, that’s the stuff.


launch campaign

Hi, it’s Ryan Reynolds, beloved Canadian treasure. I thought (well, the network lawyers thought) it was important for me to test out all the games on my new family show “Don’t”  to make sure they were [makes air quotes] “safe” and less likely to “render you unconscious” while you’re stuck in a “fiery hellscape of Ryan Reynold’s making.” Unquote.

Ryan Reynolds

“Don’t” series launch

Italy isn’t just a place. It’s a state of mind. Its culture, its people, its story changes depending on the food — and whose table you happen to be at. And luckily… [PULLS OUT A CHAIR at the head of the table] … there’s always a seat for you. Oh. Did I mention there will be cheese?


Stanley Tucci

"Searching For Italy" season launch