We have a way with words.

And ideas, too. We’ve helped our clients make monsters sexy, pop royalty down-to-earth, and TV shows of all genres seem awesome since ’05. We help networks and production houses get people (and their friends and followers) excited to watch TV. Think about it: two writers, one award-winning team (and a labradoodle who doesn’t help nearly as much as he should). You get twice the ideas and copy, with everything expertly polished before it arrives in your inbox. We’re here to make you look good – in front of the client, in the pitch room, at that 9:30 am with the network president – we know how. We write the shoot concepts, copy, tags, branding slogans, and GFX ideas that cut through the noise, grab audience eyeballs, and make them want for more. It’s in the name.

          • Words that have impact.
          • Ideas that have legs.
          • Special Shoots that are truly special.
          • Radio you’ll actually tune in to.
          • Music curation that really sings.
          • Branding with bite.
          • Print that pops.
          • Upfront presentations that belong front and center.
          • Copy that isn’t just copying everybody else.

This is We Write Good.

“No one is ever really clean”

– SPOTLESS, Esquire original series launch

“Guys, this is a party at Prince’s house. Anything could happen – dolphin sex, panther sex, an artisanal cheese tasting!”

– New Girl Super Bowl Promo Special Shoot



About Us


Becky Wilson hails from Wisconsin, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from Emerson College (Boston) and cut her sparkling white teeth in copywriting on the agency side (D’Arcy) before moving to FOX as a writer of all trades (On-Air, Special Projects, Radio, Print, Upfronts, Branding) and, later, founding We Write Good with Patrick Hamilton. She has also directed The Vagina Monologues for the Worldwide V-Day Campaign, performed on the Groundlings stage, and currently reads her humor pieces at Essay and Storytelling shows throughout LA. When not writing, Becky tries to keep Nigel the labradoodle off the couch and 4-year-old son Oliver well stocked in rubber sharks.


Patrick Hamilton grew up in exotic Glendale, CA before heading to the Far East to open entertainment shows and write content for Universal Studios, Japan and later, the US national Honda ASIMO robot tour before landing at FOX On-Air. In 2005, he struck out on his own to form We Write Good with his partner and wife, Becky Wilson. Patrick also serves as a much sought after music consultant for show launches, special projects, Upfronts and more. Fun fact: Patrick is the third-youngest Eagle Scout in California history. If you ever find yourself lost in the Angeles forest and need to fashion a compass out of the tears of bears, he’s your man.

“They’re humanity’s last hope. You can thank us later.”

– Legends of Tomorrow, The CW original series launch

“Shut up before Mr. T puts his fist in your mouth and makes a tooth salad.”

– Sweeps Promo Campaign


See what the startlingly good-looking, insanely charismatic industry leaders at FOX, CBS, E!, The CW, and production houses on both coasts are saying about We Write Good.

Over the years and across many networks I’ve loved working with WWG. They are prompt, bathe regularly and they never complain when I take credit for all their great, fresh concepts. They’re terrific collaborators that way.
— Chris Donovan, E! & Esquire, SVP Creative Marketing

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Becky and Patrick for the last few years. They are without a doubt one of the most creative, unique and reliable conceptual teams around. Their writing always has a fresh spin and they easily find the voice of the show they are assigned to promote. For great collaboration and solid creative look no further.
— Julio Cabral, FOX Broadcasting, VP On-Air Promo Creative

We Write Good is my first panicked phone call when I need fast, funny and on brand creative for our show launches, shoots, retitles and tags. They also pull amazing music, which is supposed to be for professional use but I appropriate to impress my hipster friends. They are calm cool collected & easy to work with!
— Jen Titus, The CW, SVP On Air Creative

In a very short amount of time, Becky and Patrick have become our go-to writers. Their talent is undeniable, their attitude is exceptional, their professionalism leaves nothing to be desired, but most importantly, they are honest, trustworthy, dependable and ALWAYS on point. They are the real deal & we LOVE working with them.
— Jordan Hayman, AV Squad, Creative Director — Broadcast and Commercial

Topical. Edgy. Smart. Pretty. Becky & Patrick deliver the goods every time, and look good doing it.
— Eric Poole, FOX, SVP/Radio Marketing

Well, when you start with the fact that they’re called “We Write Good”, you know you’re dealing with renegade word ninjas. They always deliver the unexpected. You never get the cliches. You never get the predictable. They’re not just going to regurgitate what you have in your head but are too busy to type. No, these guys… these guys are writers. And they’re damned good.
— Murphy Gilson, Pivot/Participant Media, SVP/Creative Director

When our in-house team is maxed and our nerves are frayed, WWG is our go-to team for wit, wisdom and wordplay. Strategic. Smart. And great people, too.
— Michael Middeleer, Executive Creative Director, Viewpoint Creative

Smart. Funny. Strategic. Friendly. Professional. We love working with We Write Good because they are fantastic creative thinkers and reliable collaborators. We can always count on Becky and Patrick to expand our thinking, explore the possibilities and help us develop creative solutions for our clients.
–- Gabriella Mirabelli, ANATOMY, Executive Director & Owner

“Smart, funny, witty and frequently brilliant. We Write Good has always over delivered with friendliness and professionalism. Their number one goal is creative and they passionately care about every word they write. What could be better than that?”
— Sam Williams, CBS, VP/Creative Director

“If I need something creative – if I need it to be different – if I need to turn it around in 24 hours, then I never hesitate to call Becky and Patrick. They are truly part of our team.”
— Brian Dollenmayer, WGN America, EVP Marketing and Promotion

“Principal Figgins here to remind you that love is in the air, but so is the highly communicable disease, mononucleosis.”

– Glee Radio Campaign

“What doesn’t kill me, makes me sharper.”

– Arrow Special Shoot

“In war, secrets save lives. At home, secrets destroy everything you love.”

– Manhattan Special Shoot

“This club has only one rule: There are no rules.”

– Flash/Arrow Super Hero Fight Club Shoot

“Before the open bar. They open up to us.”
“Who are you wearing?
Spanx, of course.”
“It’s a night of a thousand stars!
(And at least one wardrobe malfunction.)
All Red Carpets Lead to E!”

– E! Live From the Red Carpet – Award Show Campaign

“Code was made to be broken.”

– Halt & Catch Fire Print


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Based in LA. Copy delivery by carrier pigeon (and email as backup).

Need writing samples, rate info, or just a chance to chat about your needs? We’ve worked across all genres and mediums for more than a decade and look forward to writing GOOD for you!

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“One day you’re In, the next day you’re Auf.”

– Project Runway Print